Smart Sampling

Smart Sampling offers the flexibility to reach the digital respondents through true multi digital channel approach. In addition to Online Panels, we add Affiliate Networks, E-mail databases, Communities, smaller survey sites and many other sources to achieve a robust sample mix. And we do this with complete transparency of methodology.

We have successfully migrated long running tracker surveys with Smart Sampling as well as run survey only projects in countries where building panels are still unfeasible.

We have also been able to reach number of completes impossible to do in any single panel in a much shorter span of time. DAR really treats the internet as it’s panel, it’s a core part of our world; we respect it, we understand it.

Smart Sampling

Performance Marketing

The Digital Age Research Network or DAR&N was created to be wholly focused on building Online Market Research Panels and Research Communities. We endeavored to only work with publishers and digital traffic sources that could stand the utmost quality tests and scrutiny.

We figured out that we could expand the scope of DAR&N to live surveys and trackers, creating a seamless integration with our Smart Sampling methodology.

Our clients can be assured of getting the right kind of panelists and respondents, and combining it with our approach and know how, the possibilities are endless.

Smart Panels

Through our Digital Traffic network DAR&N, we can deliver multi-sourced, targeted traffic from virtually any country. By ensuring that the highest quality checks are performed, we can deliver survey completes for live projects as well as the building blocks for Survey Panels and Dedicated Communities.

DAR&N uses a host of sources, from affiliate networks, a multitude of survey sites and panel companies to social media traffic and direct publisher relationships to maximizes profit for every sign up.


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Media Buying


Traffic on a pure-performance basis, or quickly optimized to an effective CPA. Take advantage of segmented retargeting, collect data from offer screeners, and capture leads to build an active subscriber base. We offer short form email submits, customizable to our clients needs as well as long form Double Opt In Screener validated options, and even Co-Registration for Online and mobile traffic.

We try to be as flexible and innovative as possible so, if you want to throw some ideas around, give us a shout!


Next to our consumer offering we are also able to build B2B panels through DAR&N. From IT Decision Makers to high-level executives from all sizes of companies and sectors. Drop us a line and let's discuss with the team what the best approach for you might be.

Digital Sources

River Sampling as it was formally known was a much-maligned method to solve a very real crisis for online panel companies.

Only a very small percentage of people have actually heard of Online Research Panels, let alone joined them. If people do join they can be over invited for surveys that they get kicked out of due to short fieldwork times or small quota groups. Then they still have to wait to accumulate enough incentive points to be able to buy a bottle opener in the year 2034.

With our digital sources we can reach the consumers who want to be in control of their survey and incentive experience but don’t necessarily want to sign up to an online panel.

Because of our digital sources we have the geographic reach and volume of respondents in countries not many other panel companies can boast.

Panel Building

We have the keen expertise to build up any market research panel, from mobile phone traffic to email acquisition to Co-reg.

Our experience and sharp pricing can match any budget, so we can focus on delivering the respondents, whilst you can focus on keeping them engaged.

We understand research and we understand the type of individuals you want in your panels, and we know how to get them for you.


To authenticate and de-dupe:
• Digital fingerprinting
• IP Checks
• Pre-Profiling

Data integrity via:
• Algorithms to check for “speeders” and straight liners
• Checks to identify “straight liners”
• Fraud prevention

Online Sample

Our Online Sample reach is able to satisfy the broadest spectrum of respondents, and flexible enough to be able to target specialist consumer groups.

From white goods buyers to specialist mobile phone owners, we have the ability to tailor your consumer target needs, again from our vast reach of the UK, Europe and beyond whilst ensuring quality and efficiency in the whole process, maintaining confidentiality at all times.

Our respondents want to give their opinions and our clients can be confident our sample is of the highest quality.

We don’t believe in the numbers games when it comes to panel, we believe in quickly reaching the respondents required for your project scope.


Short term communities is how we started so we have become quite adept. Since we are not bound by any methodology we can offer telephone, online as well as digital traffic to build or top up your communities.

Keeping the focus on retention of participants, we make sure that the panelists you acquire stick around to take part in activities, ensuring low drop off levels with complete transparency of methodology and sourcing.

Using our expertise we are able to offer clients a completely flexible level of consultation where needed, opening a portal to truly online communities.

Survey Platform

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Survey + Panel Sign Up

Digital Age Research also offers the option to have participants for your online survey, rerouted and signed up to your panel.

Besides making us quite unique in using this approach, it has the added benefit of growing your own Online Panels with respondents that have had the experience of taking one of your surveys, ensuring a higher rate of engagement.

Mobile Traffic

The Next Big Thing known as “mobile” has already been a part of our offering for quite a while now. We offer App Downloads, Mobile traffic, Survey tool installations and we can offer the flexibility of different platforms (Android vs iOS) as well as appliances (tablets and phones).

We even offer consultation on making your campaigns and mobile activities mobile friendly.

Custom Panels

DAR&N gives us an unlimited source of Digital traffic and a vast array of traffic options for branded or unbranded panels.

In some cases and countries we can even offer pre-profiling of tougher to reach targets.

We give you options, at the right budget, making sure you get what you want in your custom panels.